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“Farewell, My Friend”

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“Farewell, My Friend” is written for anyone who just might die one day or who has a friend or loved one who has been diagnosed with a catastrophic illness and is facing possible death.  The book leads you through a step-by-step process of what to do when you received the diagnosis and the necessary actions that need to be taken during the actual dying, death, and grief process.  One of the main points in this book is to stress the fact that you can be the picture of health and still benefit from many of the suggestions Bea offers in “Farewell, My Friend”.

Some of the areas covered in this book are
* Meeting with medical professionals & documenting your discussions.  

* Setting Up A Sick Room From Start To Finish.
* Handling Legal Matters & Contract Issues.
* Maintaining Your Sanity & Learning To Perform Like A Matador...Olé!
* Navigating Through The Worlds Of Hospice, Dying, Death, Grief
* Visualizing Your New Life.


“I found myself laughing and crying all in the matter of a few minutes. Bea eloquently captured the dilemmas a partner experiences when facing the life crises of a loved one. More importantly, her humor came through. I could hear her voice as she described some of her frustrations and then chastised herself for verbalizing them. I know that her suggestions really will help someone who is overwhelmed and needs a gentle caring voice to provide practical advice.”
Jeanne A. Conry, MD, Roseville, CA

"In my 55 years of caring for families, I have never seen such an open and true expression of feelings from the bereaved spousal care provider. Her checklists are very helpful and complete, and being willing to bare herself—and laugh,
her book can provide assistance and down-to-earth guidance to those who newly learn that their loved one has a terminal illness."
Russ Monroe, Owner, Village Chapel

The bible says, “…it is appointed for men to die once…” This book helps the layperson prepare to properly meet this appointment. I like this book because it is practical, personal and yet shares some very private moments. It will serve as a resource to any family who wants to be proactive in preparing for end-of-life decision.  For more than 20 years I have assisted members of our congregation in funeral preparation;
 this is the first document where everything, “you need to know” is under one cover.
Lamont Harris, Administrative Assistant, St. Paul Baptist Church, Sacramento, CA

 “This practical manual for dealing with terminal illness is interwoven with the poignant journey of one couple. The humor they keep as well as sound advice will benefit anyone who reads this.”
Mary Ralli, RN, Citrus Heights, CA

"An excellent resource at a time when clarity of thought is clouded by emotion. In my experience in helping clients manage the financial aspects of this stage in life, this book provides the tools in one organized guide."
Andrew D. Spitz, CFS, CRPC® Senior Financial Advisor | Advanced Advisor Group


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