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Is the book helpful for someone who is not terminal patients?
Absolutely, there are many key steps and suggestions in Farewell, My Friend that can be taken right now to ease the transition at a later date. For instance, the earlier you take out Long Term Health Insurance; you can lock in a lower monthly premium.

Will reading this book make me sad?
Absolutely not!  This book is inspiring, uplifting and thought provoking. The book will allow you to PREPARE, RESPOND AND RECOVER from the death of a loved one.  Please read the book reviews posted on this website for objective responses to the book.  During Bea’s presentations, people spend as much time chuckling as they do wiping away an occasional tear.

How do you start the conversation with your loved ones?
This depends on how involved in the process your loved one wants to be.  I would start a general conversation asking them is they have given any thought to their final wishes.  It is always best to have these types of conversations when there are no health issues.  If this isn’t the case, I would simply tell them that I want to honor whatever they want to do, but need information so that I can make sure that this occurs.

Where can I obtain the forms that are at the back each chapter in the book?
They can be downloaded free of charge from the forms tab at website.

Does Beatrice provide grief counseling?
Beatrice offers sound advice in her book and during her presentations.  However she is not a registered clinician.

What does Beatrice charge for her presentations?
The fees vary and are negotiated prior to the presentation.  To request a presentation please fill out the Request for Speaking Engagements form at under the Speaking Engagements tab.

Does Beatrice travel outside of California for presentations?
Yes, Bea has been giving presentations through the United States and Mexico.  Her fees, mileage and accommodations are discussed prior to the presentation.  To request a presentation please fill out the Request for Speaking Engagements form at under the Speaking Engagements tab.

Is there a quantity discount if we opt to purchase more than 10 books?
Yes, and this too is an negotiable item.

Will Bea sign my book, if I order from her or Amazon or Barnes and Noble?
Yes.  Beatrice does her own “fulfillment”.  When she receives an order, she will personally send out a signed copy with a bookmark and her business card.  If you want the book to be autographed to another person other than you, please email her directly at prior to placing your order.  This will allow her to be on the lookout for your order and ensure that it is autographed to the proper person.

What is the author’s email address?

What is Bea’s website?

Do you have any other books you recommend on this subject?
The book has a listing of different books. Bea often mentions, “Final Gifts” by Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley.  It stresses how we need to understand and communicate with the dying.

Do you plan on doing a follow-up book?
At this time, there are no plans for a follow-up to the book.  There will be a Second Printing which will incorporate information and insight that Bea has gained since the original book was printed.  However, there is a push for Bea to publish a book as a result of her lecture, “So You Want to Write a Book…Seriously?” 
Bea is seriously considering this project.

Do you have this book in the audio book format?
Not yet.  This is under consideration.

Do you have an appearance schedule?
Please refer to the Speaking Engagements Tab on her website,

Is this published in another language and if so, which ones?
Not yet.  The demand will drive this option.  When there is enough interest, it will be translated to another language.

I heard that Bea is involved in a television show.  What is that all about?
Bea is currently hosting and producing a cable access television show sponsored by East Lawn Memorial Park filmed at RCCTV in Sacramento, CA.  This television show will discuss various life management obstacles; including end-of-life issues that cross-different faiths and cultures.  It will have a unique format. The show will be aired in the Fall of 2009. 

The show can be seen as follows:

"A - Z With Bea"
Mondays @ 9:00 PM & Thursdays @ 8:00 PM
Comcast - Channel 20 or 96
Surewest - Channel 19

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